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LISA goes public

Information about the LISA mission and science - no physics knowledge required!



LISA, the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, is a unique, first-of-its-kind facility for astronomy and physics that will open a huge discovery space unreachable from ground and untapped by any other space mission. LISA offers us the opportunity to study powerful sources that have been predicted and described in great detail by theory but have never been observed because they are “dark” electromagnetically. These include merging massive black holes and non-interacting ultra-compact binary systems, as well as compact objects spiraling into the massive black holes that are believed to exist in the central regions of most normal galaxies.

LISA will provide precise measurements of the key properties of massive black holes – masses, spins, and distances, in many cases better than one percent. The ability to provide precise distance information to its sources makes LISA an especially valuable type of astronomical observatory. But that’s not all: LISA science is new science, so in addition to guaranteed and predicted sources, we also “expect the unexpected” from this uncharted territory.

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