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LISA Brownbag and GW Notes

From the wikipedia definition of brownbag:

"Brown bag seminars are generally offered to update the researching community about ongoing research. Usually held by schools and universities and governmental institutions, they involve lectures, presentations, or talks by researchers, mostly professors about their ongoing research. Professors may visit from other universities to talk about their research."

Intention and purpose of the LISA Brown Bag blog and GW Notes

The LISA Brown Bag blog and LISA GW Notes were born from the need for a journal where the distinct communites involved in gravitation wave research might gather. While these three communities - Astrophysics, General Relativity and Data Analysis - have made significant collaborative progress over recent years, we believe that it is indispensible to future advancement that they draw closer, and that they speak a common idiom. Thus, we follow the Philosophy of the series of meetings LISA Astro-GR

The electronic publishing service arXiv is a dynamic, well-respected source of news of recent work and is updated daily. But, perhaps due to the large volume of new work submitted, it is probable that a member of our community might easily overlook relevant material. This new e-journal, GW Notes and its blog, The LISA Brownbag, both produced by the AEI, propose to offer scientist of the Gravitational Wave community the opportunity to more easily follow advances in the three areas mentioned. We hope to achieve this by selecting the most significant e-prints and publish them in abstract form with a link to the full paper in both a single e-journal (GW Notes) and a blog (The LISA Brownbag). Of course, this also implies that the paper will have its impact increased, since it will reach a broader public, so that we encourage you to not forget submitting your own work

In addition to the abstracts, in each PDF issue of GW Notes, we will offer you a previously unpublished article written by a senior researcher in one of these three domains, which addresses the interests of all readers.

Thus the aim of The LISA Brownbag and GW Notes is twofold:

  • Whenever you see an interesting paper on GWs science and LISA, you can submit the ArXiv number to our submission page. This is straightforward: No registration is required (although recommended) to simply type in the number in the entry field of the page, indicate some keywords and submit. Don't expect it to be immediately displayed in the blog. The submission will be reviewed to check it suits the blog
  • We will publish a new full article in each issue, if available. This "feature article" will be from the fields of Astrophysics, General Relativity or the Data Analysis of gravitational waves and LISA. We will prepare a more detailed guide for authors, but for now would like to simply remind submitters that they are writing for colleagues in closely related but not identical fields, and that cross-fertilization and collaboration is an important goal of our concept

Subscribers will get the issue distributed in PDF form. Additionally, they will be able to submit special announcements, such as meetings, workshops and jobs openings, to the list of registered people.

Please register here by filling in your e-mail address and choosing a password.

Pau Amaro-Seoane & Bernard Schutz, editors